Wednesday, 24 June 2009

Crazy Creature

My mailbox today contained a "Squishy" one of those delightfully intriguing parcels that you can squish around and try to guess whats inside.
As soon as I saw the return address belonged to my friend Marie, I knew I was in for a treat. The card said it was for my birthday (not until November) but I really know, Marie just knew I was feeling sorry for myself today and needed cheering up.

He's a gorgeous bright fellow with a felted head.
Marie abandoned her quilting in favour of her love of felting and although I miss seeing her lovely bright quilts so passioately hand stitched, I love her felting just as much.
This little fellow is a mixture of both with his bright fabric body and woollen head.
I chased him around the house taking snaps as he got into all sorts of hidey holes and here he is for you to see. Isn't he gorgeous?
I think he's a cat but who really knows. Marie is a cat lover and she said she'd been inspired to make toys by the arrival of her new grandson Archie.
Thanks so much Marie. I love him.


Rebecca said...

What a lovely blog and I think your friend Marie is clever. Your right he is cute what a nice presant.
Hugs Bec

Micki said...

What a nice gift you got! I am so happy for you!