Saturday, 20 June 2009

Frolics at Yandanooka

The Champers had just been opened and the girls were laughing

Even the younger ladies were entralled by the fashions

As usual the spread was superb, this was just dessert, I couldn't get to the table quickly enough to get a photo of the gorgeous salads & quiches.
Yandanooka is a farming community about 75 kms to the east and when the local ladies put on a show they really excel.
When Mary invited me to this fund raising event for Princess Margaret Children's Hospital, I was thrilled at the chance to have a girly day out. So with glad rags on, we piled into Mary's new sporty car for the drive past lovely green wintery paddocks, fat lambs grazing and contented cattle.

As soon as we arrived at the hall and found our places with the others, we popped the champers and got into the swing of it all. The fashion parade was great fun with local ladies doing all the modelling, probably the same ladies who prepared our delicious lunch.
Plenty of people took the opportunity to buy some new clothes and why not, with your friends around to egg you on.
Here are the girls modelling like they were born to it.
On the way home we stopped at a roadside stall to buy bags of fresh sweet potatoes and okra. In fact the okra was so fresh the farmer was still bringing it back to his shed to pack when we arrived. I love this slippery, unctious vegie but Joe is not a fan. All the more for me...Yum.


Micki said...

What a fun day you had! I loved the pics and felt like I was there too.

Eileen said...

Hi Sue!
A day with friends, food and fashion~sounds like a good time!

Please e-mail me your address so i can send you a handmade gift for responding to my Pay~It~Forward!

e-mail is
I will talk to you soon!