Friday, 12 June 2009

A wander around Charlotte's Cottage

Franny and Fanny were meant to be wives for Blossom and Petal but the boys "prefer" each other's company.

One of my attempts at mosaic work. Don't try to stand your glass on it!

You'll meet all sorts of creatures in the fairy garden under the pepper tree.

The one surviving Bouganvillia from my planned group of white, hot pink and orange. Oh dear me.

The girls love to be out scratching in the garden but they do make a mess with the mulch


The door to my studio, sadly not used enough.

Blossom and Petal, the drakes. I named them before I knew they were boys AND before Jamie Oliver had his third daughter.

This is a touch of excotica

Just waiting for an old Grampa and his pipe to "set awhile".

This old Granma's bottom doesn't fit in it.

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