Tuesday, 28 July 2009

Aid for QuiltAid

I'm taking part in the Quilt Aid programme (see button on my sidebar) & have been working on the first block to arrive in my mail box.

Wow! Am I out of my depth here. I love the patterns and fabrics and colours but I must say I don't love my workmanship.
Firstly the needleturn scared me so I chose to do button hole stitch around the birdies before tackling the teeny tiny leaves with needleturn.
My stem stitch and satin stitch berries are more than a little wonky but that's ok I can live with wonky.
Then it was time to attach the circle to the chocolate dots. I thought I traced the pattern exactly and I tacked, needle turned and top stitched as carefully as I could to create what was nearly a circle. So far not wonderful but acceptable.
Then I pieced the quarter triangle borders and now the trouble begins in earnest. They don't reach across my circle. I have resewn my seams as narrow as I dare and stretched the borders to their maximum but I refuse to unpick the circle no matter what. I would rather slice into it and leave a flat edge on all four sides.
My friends are laughing at me ...they know I go at everything like a "Bull at a Gate" and never, ever take the time to read instructions.
I'm getting no sympathy from those who do perfect needlework even if it means taking an age to complete a project.
My "Rush-A-Long" buddies think it's fine. "Nothing the matter with a few adjustments" they say "Just get it finished" they add.
I have decided to put the little block aside for a while and ponder on the importance of perfection versus completion.


Rebecca said...

We all start of there and with time we realise sometimes we must take our time. Although I still find it hard, as I too am a rusher. I do like the quilt you are doing and I'm sure it will look lovely when finished. Big Hugs

Micki said...

It's a great project that you are involved in! Good luck with it!

Chookyblue...... said...

good on your for having a go..........just get it done you will gradually improve and perfect it more......well that's my story and i'll stick to it.........lol....
...this project looks great but the thought of dealing with 12 shops to get the quilt was not something I wanted to do........

Tonya's Sewing Room said...

Your work is great! Don't be so hard on yourself.