Sunday, 19 July 2009

Winter Vegies

Here is Otto inspecting the preparation of the garden beds.

The box of seedlings ready to go in.

All done, now we wait. By the way, last year when the river flooded it rose to make the ever increasing pile of garden waste, seen in this pic, into an island. Luckily it didn't get high enough to wash away the garden beds.

This winter has been pretty wet so far. Although neither of us has a green thumb, we thought we would chance it and try to grow some vegies again.
Joe worked for days to dig out all the couch grass from the garden and then I did the fun stuff, like buying seedlings and planting them. I hope we will soon be scoffing down peas, beans and tomatoes fresh from our own back yard.
There is the chance the chooks and ducks will get them...or the snails..... or the rain might wash them away or the rain might stop and we'll forget to water them. Those little seedlings have made a very risky decision coming to live at Charlotte's Cottage.


Rebecca said...

Good luck with the veggies, hope you get to enjoy some of them. I like your little one she is very cute.
Big Hugs

Tonya's Sewing Room said...

nice garden....congrats on your second place finish of the ugly quilt contest. I still say it's just not ugly at all. I love it. congrats