Thursday, 24 September 2009

What's that creaking?

I lay back listening to the creaking sound. I was very nervous and having a little trouble keeping still on my chair. I'd heard similar sounds....the rhythmic creak of leather on leather as horse and rider trot along ......a tree rubbing against it's neighbour during the night....a small child sneaking across the old floor boards into her mum & dad's bedroom too early in the morning....the rigging of a yacht straining in the sea breeze.

This was none of the those things. I kept my eyes shut tight as I felt unfamiliar hands on my face and waited for the words "All done".  I'd had a vertical fracture you see and there was no other solution to the problem than to extract the tooth. Now I'm wallowing in my own misery, warm chai and a cosy quilt. Maybe I'll feel better tomorrow.


Lizzie said...

Poor you Sue, probably my biggest demon is my dentist, ;o)
Hope you get plenty of TLC, after that you need it.

Maria said...

Oh Susie I sure hope you are feeling much better by now. I just hate going to the dentist!!