Monday, 12 October 2009

Babies, Not so old schoolmates, Fireworks, City living and Pink as far as you can see

What a mixed bag I have to write about today.
Firstly this cute snap of Kasey chowing down a bowl of chocolate yoghurt. She is very like her Daddy when he was little.....I've known that expression so well for thirty years now.

Then I made the trip to Perth to meet up with some very special friends.
It was my school reunion and without giving too much away about our ages... lets just say it has been a few decades since we sat in those desks in green tunics, ties and blazers.
Here I am flanked by Louise and Peta. We had so much fun together in our teens and again on Saturday night. It was as if nothing had changed and we were still 14 years old.
The fireworks display over the river started just as we were about to sit down for dinner. What a coincidence that our gathering was the same evening as the opening of the Royal Perth Yacht Club season...Obviously the fees at that yacht club are way too high!

The meal was delicious, Spring lamb with a selection of vegies and decadent desserts all accompanied by plenty of wine. Not that we needed help to loosen our tongues.
I stayed the night at Peta and her lovely husband Paul's apartment, with glimpses of the river across to the city from the guestroom window. My early morning and cloudy photo doesn't do justice to the views.
Peta has been decorating their new home and it is so very smart and elegant. She is really enjoying the change from the cute timber cottage they lived in previously. Even Sammi the cat is a gracious fellow and I've promised him a little quilt in black and white on which to repose. I think it will suit the decor and Sammi very well.

The next day when I hauled myself up that long highway home I made a few stops to stretch my legs and take a break as well as photograph this beautiful plantation of Chinese Paulownia trees. They are being grown for their hardwood which is used in structural building, the glorious flowers and heavenly perfume is a bonus. One of the advantages of travelling alone (as well as choosing which music to play and eating all the lollies myself). Joe isn't keen on stopping for photos and I'd left him home to take care of the B and B guests staying for the weekend.


blushing rose said...

Oh, that chocolate face is darling! What a grand time you obviously had. Food looks deelish, also. Love the pics of the puppies.

Have a warm snuggly autumn ... oops! SPRING day. TTFN ~Marydon

webbsway said...

O Sue - your pictures are so beautiful . Love that chocolate face and also the fireworks just take my breath away. And having pictures of your "time honored friends" - how special is that. Congrats on a great trip!

Maria said...

Wow Casey does look like her Dad.

You sure did have a very busy weekend.

Sorry you shall have to share your lollies this weekend.