Friday, 6 November 2009

Fun and games with the grandies

With a visit from the "Threesome of Barragup" happening I decided to take the opportunity to get a better photo of all 5 grandies.
I have some great shots of them in pairs, playing with Poppy and being cute but as far as getting a nice formal shot of them all smiling and still. "No chance!".
We have Kasey the wriggly one, Angus the grumpy one, Milly looking sombre and trying to hold the slippery little fellow, who BTW, is fast gaining weight and quite a handful. The other two, Lachie and Hayley, did try their best to pose for the camera but in the end we all gave up.
Now the Southerners have returned home and I still don't have that nice group photo.


Lizzie said...

Hmmm, know that feeling really well, you should try getting 8 together and smiling - not gonna happen my friend. LOL!
But that last photo is really cute Sue, I like character in a photo, shows that they are REAL kids. ;0)

Lizzie said...

Oh yes, and they are gorgeous kids!!!

Rebecca said...

AHHH lollies work well to stop the wiggles, But oh so cute.
Hugs Bec

Maria said...

Just love the action shots of the granddies Sue.XX

Micki said...

I love the pics of your family! The kids are just adorable!