Friday, 20 November 2009

Goodies in my post box

After being away for a few days in Shark Bay, I checked my post box and there were two exciting parcels. Firstly one from Lizzie, who very kindly did a little shopping for me so that I could have this lovely big cotton reel to turn into a lamp. Thanks Lizzie.

The other parcel was a box of Advent gifts all the way from France for me to open, one each day from December 1st. The Australian Customs Dept had inspected the contents but fortunately hadn't removed anything. Christine had wrapped each little parcel so beautifully for me but 2 had been unwrapped so my DD, Tiff, very kindly re-wrapped them so my surprise wouldn't be spoilt.
Our family holiday at Shark Bay was great fun. Nephew Shane was married to his beautiful bride Jackie at Monkey Mia last Saturday and we decided to make the trip into a real family get together. We rented a house with lots of beds in it and 14 of us from 6 month old Angus up to the oldies, Joe and myself all stayed over for five days. The fellas caught squid for us to fry up with salt and pepper every day. The girls enjoyed an evening out at the pub sampling the cocktails and everyone helped out looking after the five children, making fresh pasta for the prawn ravioli we ate for dinner one night (doesn't everyone take a pasta machine on holidays), packing picnics for day trips to see the stromatolites at Hamlin Pool and shells at Shell Beach where Toby caught a sea turtle with his bare hands, which he quickly returned to the water mind you. The place is well named as we saw plenty of sharks, rays and sea snakes in the water. It didn't stop us swimming though. the turquoise water is warm and shallow and the sharks aren't very big.
These stromatolites are living organisms that look like rocks and grow in the salty shallows of this area.
I have plenty more photos to share but they will have to wait.
Hayley was lucky enough to be selected to feed a dolphin at Monkey Mia, which made the early rising to see them, well worth the effort.


Lizzie said...

Sounds like you had a wonderful break Sue, I'm turning a paler shade of green here. LOL! Or is it turquoise like the gorgeous water in W.A.?

Maria said...

Wow Sue 2 parcels. Lucky you. You will have fun opening a small pressie every day.

So pleased you had a wonderful family holiday.