Wednesday, 9 December 2009

Catching up with photos of Advent goodies

I seem to have missed posting about some of my gorgeous Advent goodies from Christine.
I have a good excuse tho'.....we've been busy this week with guests from Britain and this morning they headed off on the long drive to Perth and then tomorrow they catch their flight to Adelaide.
My house is soooo tidy...they were perfect guests who kept things neat, washed up when I cooked, took us out to dinner and generally helped out. We will miss them so much. I wonder if I can keep the place tidy without their help?

Todays gift was this packet of pins. Such a practical gift and something quilters always need.

Another day there was a yummy spice cake. Can't wait to try this.

and on two other days I opened this very beautiful cushion cover and the boxed trio of lovely ribbons. I love every little gift so much, they are all so special.


webbsway said...

What thoughtful gifts! I have heard a lot of people say that they are having trouble finding good pins ! Looks like one of your "angels" is watching out for you. ~smile~

I think I need your "angels" to come visit my house !!!

Micki said...

You really are getting some wonderful gifts. I am enjoying mine too!