Wednesday, 16 December 2009

I'm looking for a few more hours

Phew! Not enough hours in the day for me lately. Maria and I returned from a few days in the city yesterday. In fact I arrived at home at 5.45pm after driving all day, just in time to have a quick shower and race out to see our First Grade Granddaughter's school concert. Problem was, we were told 6.30 and it actually started at 6pm. We took our seats just in time to see the Second Graders start their song.
Oops! I'm sure Hayley was a "star", if only we'd seen her.
Now to catch up with everything else.

Here's a photo of the latest Advent parcels from Christine. Some lovely threads to stitch new projects with, a Christmas votive candle and hand made bauble...gorgeous, energising pot pourri (I need this) packaged in a cute little chicken bag and a bag of old fashioned boiled sweets. I'm amazed by this fabulous swap. My partner has gone to such a lot of thought to send me lovely goodies and I'm enjoying trying to read the French writing on the labels and her hand made gifts are exquisite.

I'm also the lucky recipient of this "Pudding" from my friend Mary P. Our local patchwork club had an "End of year" dinner last week and "puddings" were swapped. The idea was to tie a collection of gifts for a quilter in a bundle just like a Christmas pudding, I have fabrics, rocky road, threads, pins, tape...lots of lovely things all in this gorgeous little patchwork "pot".  Oops....Sorry about quality of the photo.

I went to the city to do some work but also managed to pick up a few Christmas gifts AND this lovely box of strawberries straight from the farm. They were so sweet and fresh that Maria and I ate lots and lots on the way home. We hardly made a dent in this big trayful!
I love Summer!


Bev C said...

Hello Sue, I think you and Maria will be making some jam or are you just eating them with chocolate and cream? Love the gifts you are receiving,gosh I can see it would have taken a fair while to fill out the customs declaration form. Have a wonderful day.

Fiesta said...

Sue you were so lucky to have gotten such lovely items. I got a cheap doctors wife that simply gave me trash from her sewing room all scratched up and old, and dollar store junk that was not even worth the $1.00. I donated the trash to habitat for himanity and trashed the rest. she even claims to have lost the original gifts and just gathered junk from her house to send me. so you were very very lucky.