Monday, 18 January 2010

Not just hot, really hot!

It's a scorcher. 46 degrees again today at our place. Inside temp at work was 43 this afternoon so I came home to the air con.
This smoke was looming over us as we drove home from the city yesterday. Poor fire fighters out battling this one in the heat. Those guys are legends.

All the trees are closing up and wilting, the chooks have been hosed down...not that they like it much but it does cool the yard for them and they can scratch little hollows in the damp earth to lie in.
The poor old lemon tree is very limp. I'm feeling the same, poor old me too.


Copper Patch said...

Yep, that's hot! Really love your Fri night sewn-in work. It's really lovely.

Maria said...

Be cooler tomorrow only 38deg.
Did your SIL like her quilt?

Bev C said...

Sue, I believe we have the same sort of lemon tree!!! Roll on the end of the month.No that will still be hot roll on Autumn.

Stay cool.

Lizzie said...

I was talking to my daughter in Warnbro last night and her and the kids are wilting too, way too hot!! Last Monday we had 45 degrees and yesterday we had both fires lit and the temp didn't go above 13 here - go figure! Australia the land of diverse temperatures!!!!! Stay cool,

Lurline said...

wow, very hot - hope it all passes soon!
Hugs - Lurline♥

webbsway said...

Seeing smoke like that is always scary . You sure got a nice clear picture - I like that. I hope everybody turns out to be safe - definitely the firefighter. I love
you lemon tree~ I bought a little lime tree over here a couple of years past because I thought I would kill it off quickly-but it has thrived in the summer and I bring it in the Winter. I was amazed at the thornes they have. Now that it has survived I wish I had got a lemon~ because it has limes on it faithfully.