Saturday, 30 January 2010


Yesterday was Joe's birthday, it wasn't a "special" one but it was a birthday none-the-less and we did nothing.
Well, almost nothing. I did invite baby boy for dinner as his wife and lil girls had gone to the city for a few days. I made a curry and a cake but it was a low key affair.
So I'm showing you some pics from  last year's birthday treat. I took Joe on a mystery trip. A complete surprise until we arrived at the departure lounge at the airport. He knew he had to pack for a few days and take time from work but the rest was a mystery to him.
Here he is enjoying breakfast at Rose Villa B&B, our hostess loves to decorate...if we'd stayed much longer we may have been wall papered too.

We strolled through the botanic gardens, had a German beer in a  pub in Handorf, prowled antique shops in Tununda, enjoyed Pheasant Pie at Maggie Beer's, learnt about glass blowing at The Jam Factory, rode in a horse drawn tram at Victor Harbour, spent hours at the motor museum, argued with our GPS,  visited several art galleries, dined at terrific restaurants, drove through gorgeous wine country, bought cute wooden toys for the grandies from a giant rocking horse shop. We packed so much into our 4 days away and had such fun despite the heatwave. Thanks Adelaide for a great weekend, wish we could do it again this year.


Lurline said...

Happy Birthday, Joe - last years looked all so romantic!
Hugs - Lurline♥

Lizzie said...

Sounds like last year was awsome, but some times it's nice to do 'nothing' too.....

Rebecca said...

Happy birthday sounds like a good birthday to me and even last year sounded like a great birthday. May there be many more.
Hugs Bec

Bev C said...

Happy Birthday Joe,no wonder you had a "nothing day" you had so much to do last year. Best wishes for the coming year. Happy days.