Monday, 1 February 2010

2nd February 1976

The day Corey was born.
As each of my babies has a birthday, like most Mums, I think back to the day I first met them. 
This little bundle came along as number 3.
I ponder on those little fingers and toes, that cute little face peering out from under the  mop of blond hair.
His cheeky grin, his passion for arguing with everyone, his independance.
He never really caused us much trouble,  although both his brothers assured us he wasn't as "good" as we believed. They said he just didn't get caught as often as they did.
I do remember the late night phone call when he'd borrowed his Dad's car only to have it stolen from where he'd parked it. I remember the looooong drive to pick him up from a camping site when he and his friends had missed the bus home and had to busk for their dinner money. I remember the expensive year he escorted three different girls to three different school balls and needed a hired suit and corsage each time.
I remember the paper round he took on to make enough money for a skateboard but it was his parents who delivered the papers.
He was, and still is, always planning an adventure.
He still has that zest and enthusiasm for life.............. especially if it includes a guitar, a fishing rod and a skateboard.  
Happy birthday Corey, we're so proud of the funny, creative, clever man you've grown up to be.


Maria said...

Hope you have a great day Corey.

webbsway said...

O Sue ! That is so funny because my Cory will have his birthday the 13th of this month too!!!!!!!!!!
I hope they all have Happy Birthdays - but they will always be our greatest gift to us Mom's. ~smile~

Bev C said...

Sue you have just brought a smile to my face!!! Happy Birthday Corey.

clare's craftroom said...

Sue , thankyou what a beautiful tribute to Corey , I hope he had a great birthday .