Wednesday, 17 March 2010

Happy St Patrick's Day

I wish you all a very happy and green day, especially Micki, an American blogmate living  in Ireland and Marie, my Irish friend living in Australia. I know you will both read this.
I always like to remember St Pat's Day 'cos I'm a bit of an Eirophile and I have Irish Greatgrandparents on my mother's side. This  good woman Mary McCann and her not so good husband John who was transported to Australia in 1876 for crimes committed.
I found out that he later became a fine hardworking citizen who took up land quite near to where I now live.
Mary bequeathed me her looks and stature, sadly short and dumpy with a predisposition to being overweight. This picture shows her still in her 30's. Those spuds must have tasted good!

I made this little quilt for a challenge a few years back. The theme was "White with one". I was lucky enough to draw this colour green in my envelope so with the help of Tonya Ricucci I chopped up little strips of green and white fabric until words began to form. Too big to fit in the full words "and" & "too"  I had to improvise. You get the gist of it tho' and it's hanging on my verandah  right now so all who visit know deep down I wanna be Irish too.


Micki said...

Happy St. Paddy's Day! What a lovely heritage you have! I loved reading about your family and what a blessing to have you as a friend!

Lizzie said...

Great photo Sue and yes I can see the resemblance, but that's really nice. I love that link to the past, to be able to look at a photo and think 'that looks like me' is fabulous!
Hope your St. Pats day was great, my Irish man had to go to work so not even a guinness for him, sad :o)

Heidi said...

You made me lol with that spuds comment. I like my spuds too!

I need to find out if I have some irish in me. I'm sure it's in there somewhere!