Wednesday, 14 April 2010

Call it Fall.... Call it's here at last

I have been taking part in a series of swaps with . Each season we make a mini quilt to send to an allotted partner. The site is managed from Canada so the seasons don't match with ours here in Aus but this little quilt has taken a long time to arrive so it's perfectly on time. Andrea made and posted one to me months ago but when it hadn't arrived she made enquiries at her Florida post office only to find out there had been a fire! Gorgeous, kind girl that she is, she set to and made me another and here it is. I love it  and really appreciate the fact that Andrea made it for me - again.
Thanks so much Andrea.


Lizzie said...

Quilters are such wonderful people aren't they? Lovely little quilt Sue and perfect colours for the season. Enjoy...

Zlaty said...

What a gorgeous quilt! So sorry for the first one, so sweet of her to make you another one!

Happy sewing!