Wednesday, 21 April 2010

A walk around Charlotte's Cottage

It's a beautiful Autumn day, the sun is shining, there is a gentle breeze and the recent rain has freshened up the trees and grass. I'd like to tell you that we had a beautiful garden filled with flowers and swathes of green lawn but we don't. What we do have is a lot of big ancient trees, overgrown plumbago hedges and plenty of leaf litter.

A lot of the "collectables" in our garden came with the house. These pots in the old wash tub have roots growing right through the rusted out base.

I love my Luytens teak bench. I hope the white ants busy eating all the timbers around the garden don't get it!

Is this a mushroom? I prefer my fungi in brown paper bags from the greengrocer.
The jasmine is due for a trim and is behaving a little like a Triffid.

A tiny birds nest hidden in this bush. The residents might be back in spring.

No birds in cages around here.


Lizzie said...

Thanks Sue, for the trip around your garden I really enjoyed it. It's amazing what a little rain will do isn't it, all fresh and green again?

Julia said...

Enjoyed the trip around the garden Sue...everything looks nice and green, we could do with a bit more rain though..
Julia ♥

*kelebek*-* said...

çok güzel bir bahçe ..teşekkür ederim ..Antalya-TÜRKİYE

Rebecca said...

What a joy to see your garden and the sunshine. As for the triffid I love Jasmine (scary book though).
Hugs Bec

Bev C said...

Thanks for the tour Sue,love those bird cages without the birds,they should be free. I think I used to be bathed in that type of bathtub!!! Happy days.

webbsway said...

O Sue!

What a thrill! Love, love, love your home!

Home is where your heart is and I think it shows!

Primitives By The Light of The Moon said...

BEEutiful all the lil' touches!