Tuesday, 29 June 2010

Cat on a hot tin roof

It's been so cold lately that we are all looking for the warmest patch of sunshine we can find. A weak little sunbeam had landed on the roof and Otto found it. Can you see him toasting himself?

He would have been better off inside with  the roaring fire where I ran a little class on colour. Not for quilters this time, simply sharing a vestige of knowledge I have left over from my days working on interiors.
The fire "complimented" the "monochromatic" chill in the air and we indulged in a "triadic" lunch of soup, honey glazed Turkish bread and little tartlets. All in all a very "related" day. Hopefully no one went home blue with cold.


Lizzie said...

Cats, they always find the warmest place to be don't they? Love your new 'look' too....

clare's craftroom said...

Cats are not stupid , lol !