Monday, 26 July 2010

I went to Fairyland and survived

Some people sure know how to put together a fun quilting retreat.
This one was themed to Fairytales, enchantment and childhood delights.
We were greeted at the door by Cinderella.

Don't we all wish Anita the Ironing Fairy would visit us at home?

The gang has gathered for the Mad Hatter's Tea Party, tho' I'm sure this is only half the group.

Even the caterers joined in the fun.

I have not one but TWO new "Secret Sisters"
The gorgeous Robyn put together this wonderful  fairy bag of treats for me all in purples and greens. She even made the pinata from scratch.
Then below is a pic of the goodies I made for Aggie.
It's so much fun sneaking around trying to discover what our "secret sister" might like and then dropping little clues so they can guess who gave them the gift.

Here's Aggie trying on her scarf which you can read about here in another Fairy tale!
No! the word on the teatowel does NOT mean Aggie is a fishwife, cold fish or slippery as a fish!

At "The Ball" Cinders was ravishing and as for her step sister................well..........let's just say a lot of makeup was used to make her look "ugly".
This retreat was a lot of fun, we were all totally spoilt with goodies, delish food, lovely weather, wonderful friendship and sharing of ideas, talents & laughter.
Thanks go to the team who must have devoted countless hours to making sure this retreat included everything we ever needed. 
 There was  even a frog to kiss, waiting on our pillow at night.

  Thanks to my "over achieving" table mate, Julie I was  inspired to actually produce some work too. Not as much as the gorgeous Julie tho'. I counted at least 13 finished projects for her over the weekend.
 Her machine was smokin'.
Now I'm ready to add some borders to this lovely McKenna Ryan pattern.
 Another retreat might be just what I need to get this finished


Lizzie said...

Sounds like a fabulous time Sue and what a fun theme to have, I adore the ironing fairy. I could really use a pair of those tights she's wearing ;o)

Rebecca said...

That has to look like the best retreat I have seen and think I would love to go on the next one. I could do with Anita the ironing fariy as well, wonder if she travels. Love your Mc Kenna Ryan quilt and can't wait to see the end thing.
Hugs Bec

BubzRugz said...

This looks such fun - great to see it all ..... your new quilt looks just stunning..... Hugz

joanne lendaro said...

Looks like you all had a ton of fun!! What a great retreat that must have been!! Thanks for sharing the pics!

Maria said...

So pleased you enjoyed your retreat with your sewing friends.

I have seen the quilt and it looks better than in the photo.