Tuesday, 6 July 2010

Tuesday Treasure

Thanks to Clare we are showing Tuesday Treasures again this week.

This week's treasure is Otto, who features occasionally on this blog.
He is a rebound cat. One acquired to fill the hole left by a much nicer pet who tragically succumbed to snakebite and died young.
His arrival was the cause of the worst argument the bloke and I have had in 40 years of marriage. I wanted him, the bloke didn't!
The creator of many wounds on tender flesh including the drawing of blood from a paying guest in our B&B. (We were dreadfully embarrassed and apologetic!)  Guests are advised NOT to stroke the cat's belly!
He leaves cuts of rat meat and mouse morsels on the floor over night. Rat Maryland, butt of rat and rodent offal, just some of the delights he has tried to curry our favour with.
His decision to sleep on my pillow at night, whilst I'm using it and after he has been catching the afore mentioned rats in long wet grass, fills my ears with grit and mud.
His demands for his evening meal at 5pm exactly must be met if we ever want any peace in our lives.
We were thrilled the day he finally outgrew his game of running up the nearest pair of legs to sit on the shoulder of the leg owner. It was just a phase of kittenhood apparently.
At this point you must be wondering why this monster is deemed "A Treasure".
The bloke works away you see. He is what is known as a Fi-Fo (fly in - fly out) worker and I am left alone & bereft for weeks at a time. Otto is my constant companion, the one who greets me adoringly on my return from work each afternoon. Possibly because I get home at 5.05pm!
The warm body snuggled against me as I watch my choice of TV program, the fluffy soul who leaves fur across the keyboard of the 'puter and attacks the mouse protectively every time my hand clicks it. The other breathing, living thing in this house and I need his company. That's why.


mandapanda said...

Awww, well I think he's gorgeous!! I happen to love rodant offal! Much better than ratindaroof. All kitties are different, but Siamese have the funniest of quirks, and are very stubborn! I think little Otto has you trained very nicely!

Lizzie said...

I know what you mean, no one calls you mad if you're found talking to the cat or dog! If they weren't there...well.....!!!

clare's craftroom said...

Sue Otto is a real treasure ! A bit of personality in a cat never hurts , much lol ! Thanks for playing .

BubzRugz said...

Otto reminds me of a cat I used to have. It is so funny how people can still love a monstrous feline! Sounds a real character .....

Cybele's patch said...

What an adorable creature. That is why I love cats. They live their lives and yours too ;-)

Maria said...

He also a treasure because he loves you Sue.

Sheila said...

Otto is a beautiful cat and obviously a valuable member of your family ,definitely a treasure .

rozhearts said...

Oh how I loved your story about Otto. Thanks for sharing this true treasure.I have also loved reading your adventures of the beautiful scarf and the makin of. You sure have a way with words. Thank you for your comments on my blog this Tuesday Treasure is fun to do.
(((HUGS))) Roz.

nicole said...

nawwwwwww that's sweet.
kitties make good companions :D