Sunday, 8 August 2010

Such is Life

Doncha just hate it when the modern conveniences of life breakdown?
After months of being in a sewing slump. Feeling overwhelmed by unfinished projects mounting up around me I had only been tackling tiny projects. You know what I mean, blocks for swapping and small gifts......Nothing that required the clearing of work space or serious concentration.
Then inspiration hit mojo was back and  I was catching up at last.
It all started at the retreat a few weeks ago where I finished no less than 9 little girl's sun hats to sell at the club fund raising stall.

Then I finished a flimsy ready to be quilted for my DS3 & DIL, who just happen to be the parents of the gorgeous hat model pictured above.
This pic was taken just before the 3 borders were added during a late night sewing frenzy.

 Another finish soon after was a bright "Rainbow" QAYG for Camp Quality.
The blocks were made by members of The Patch and I coordinated the project and finished off the sashing and binding. Yes! It was washed after the quality controller had approved it.

 The list on the white board in my sewing room was getting shorter for the first time in years!
Then bang, whirr, pop! My trusty little Janome gets belly ache right in the middle of a quilting session.
This is a serious malady and I think it's hospital for her. I'm sad but at least there is hand sewing.

Not that that will help with the pile of UFOs!

 "Such is Life"


Lizzie said...

That's a seriously lovely piece of hand sewing you've got to be going on with Sue....!!
Hope the Janome is well again soon ;o)

Linda4F's said...

I am off to Gep tomorrow and tuesday if you want me to take her to the doctors? give me a ring!
cheers Linda

joanne lendaro said...

Feel your pain Sue! Sometimes it can just be mind bogging! Put them all in a closet and just pull out one at a!! Sounds like a plan, maybe I should give it a try!

Jay said...

I can really feel for you!! Especially when you are on a roll!! But sounds like you'll be back with the pedal to the medal in no time!!

Jay said...

I forgot to say...what beautiful things you have accomplished!!

Bev C said...

Hello Sue,

I do like your hand sewing project, what is it going to be? It is beautiful.
Have a Happy Monday.