Tuesday, 7 September 2010

Tuesday Treasures

For weeks at Clare's Craftroom Tuesday Treasures I've been showing you stuff I have close to me.

Today's treasures are all too far away for my liking.
My Menfolk, chosen this week because my baby just had a birthday, it was Father's Day on Sunday and just 'cos I'm not able to see them all right now and I want to. 

On the left is my baby, Toby, daddy to two of my precious grandies, he's a hard worker and gorgeously cuddly.
Next is Corey, the middle son, he makes me laugh and is so creative and enthusiastic in all that he does.

Then there's my bloke, he works away now but he was home for these boys when they were growing up and is still a great dad to them.

On the right  is Adrian but we call him Age (something to do with his
sister not being able to pronounce his name). He kept me running when he was little but has grown into a wonderful, easy going man.

It seems like only yesterday I was washing  football jumpers, patching knees, sorting out battles, stocking up on groceries, groceries and more groceries and rolling 15 pairs of grey school socks every Sunday night.
I never thought I'd miss those days.


clare's craftroom said...

Oh how lovely ! It seems they have all grown to be fine young men.
Thank you for sharing your family with us .

Lizzie said...

A perfect treasure post Sue...

Liz said...

Definitely real treasures. a lovely family pic.

BubzRugz said...

Precious post Sue - I know how hard it is when they are far away and you don't get to see them often enough. Sometimes it feels physically painful not being able to get a cuddle!
Hugz to you

Janice said...

Family is such a treasure, isn't it. You must really enjoy any time you do get together these days.

Allie said...

This made me tear up, Sue, you must miss them terribly. Mine are still at home, and I'm NOT looking forward to them leaving, even while I push them out of the nest - it's for their own good. I'd much rather be selfish and worry about my OWN good. Big hugs to you.

mandapanda said...

Now THEY are the best kind of treasures, irreplaceable and priceless!
Big hugs to you!!

rozhearts said...

An irriplaceable treasure is our families. Your menfolk look to be all great friends something to always treasure.
Thanks for sharing
(((HUGS))) Roz.

Julia said...

Family is the best treasure of all Sue...your menfolk look like fine young men..and you can be very proud of who they have grown to become..
Julia ♥

Melody said...

A lovely post. I am sure they really look after you.

Robyn said...

Sue I really love this post!!
I love my men too xx