Sunday, 28 November 2010

Angus rides.

The other two NW grandies can chat to me on the phone but Angus is a bit too little and not into intelligible speech just yet.
It looks like he's going to be a horse lover just like the rest of the family tho'.
I'm so looking forward to seeing him at Christmas.


Suzanne Thomsen Newsome said...

Angus looks like a joyful boy! and I love his horse!! ~ Suzanne

Rebecca said...

Wow he has grown so fast and look ready for the Melbourne cup next year ;)
I hope you have a great time with them all at Christmas
Hugs Bec

Lizzie said...

Good looking cowboy you've got there...! I've got a rooster the same as his horse, does that make sense? You know what I mean..!

Allie said...

Oh gosh he is too cute!!!!!!!

Julia said...

So cute...he's having a great time...lovely happy smiles..
Julia ♥

BubzRugz said...

Too cute.... such a happy face...

Maria said...

Angus has grown so much since I last saw him. What a happy young man.

Joy said...

That is the cutest pic ever .... just look at that gawjus smile!!!
Adorable ;o).
JOy :o)

webbsway said...

The little one is so sweet. Now you know why God gives them to the young people -because they have the energy to keep up with those precious cargos!

That is one "Wild Horse" he is riding !!!!!!!!!!!!! :)

It makes me think of when I was in high school in art class. My teacher was an artist in her own right with many works. She had assigned us a project to do a watercolor in our sketch book for the next day.

My passion was horses -too and I had done a nice job(I thought) . When Miss Mason checked my work - she pondered for a few minutes and then asked me, :Linda, how many Blue horses have you ever seen????"

To which my reply was Many-each of us have our own interpretation? LOL - I think I might have driven her crazy that year and I really loved her . She had the sweetest - Calm - personality of anyone I had ever met - and she even had a quiet gliding motion as she moved around - so very graceful.

So, to all of our wonderful teachers - Cheers to you for the job you do! :)

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

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