Sunday, 7 November 2010

It's amazing what's under the dust.............

I've been clearing out some old shelves and under the dust and rubbish, came across these old newspapers from December 1969. That was the year before the bloke and I were married.
Not so long ago..... really..... it doesn't feel like a long time ago.
Why then has everything changed so very much?
I mean, there were 3 large ads for boxed hankies in one paper.
Did women long for boxed hankies for Christmas, hoping hubby or the kids would buy some?
Did noses run copiously back then?
Was a handkerchief considered an essential fashion item?
It was the "Swinging 60's" for goodness sake.
People were having love ins, going to rock concerts, growing their hair long, taking illicit drugs and wearing floral bell bottom trousers (see pic).

Why then were boxed hankies important enough to warrant all this advertising?

Music shops sold sewing machines for a relatively large amount of money.
Guitar playing was much more affordable.

The furniture and household goods were flimsy and ugly.
Wait 40 years, call it "Retro" and the youngsters will love it, forking out more for it the second time round.
We were going to the movies to see Zulu, Funny Girl and Zorba the Greek.............
or anything else as long as Sidney Poitier was in it.
If we stayed home we could choose between "Green Acres" and "Car 54"

Was it the Good Old Days?

These papers have lots of situations vacant ads for school leavers, grocery prices seem low but then so were wages. We were certainly happy with less back then. Life was simpler. Would I want to go back to 1969?

 I wouldn't have all you wonderful blogging buddies.


BubzRugz said...

What fun - I bet you spent ages reading the old papers......

Joy said...

What fun to read through all those old ads and things. I remember when I pulled up the flooring in an old house I lived in once, there were newspapers under the lino from 1940ish - I loved reading the classifieds - my how times have changed!!
Joy :o)

Gene Black said...

Ha ha..a NICE sewing machine is still much more than a cheap guitar!

MosaicMagpie said...

I wonder which ads we have in today's newspaper will be a joke in the future? I am sure the furniture adds will be different..probably nothing made of wood, that is hard to find now! Fun to think about and look back on the good old days...NOT, I am with you I will take today and my blogger friends like you!

Heidi said...

I love looking through old "news" like that. Always good for a few giggles. Thank you for sharing.

Allie said...

I think 1969 is way too close to 1970 for me - how I hated the 70's...let's see, I was 10 in 1969, and I'm pretty sure I had some boxed hankies of my own, lol! AND bell bottoms. I do remember female relatives always had hankies in their purses....and men always had one tucked in their shirt pocket. Back before people started wearing sweat pants all the time. Ah the good old days!

Bev C said...

Hello Sue,

Oh my goodness I cannot get over the price of the groceries. I would love that part to come back. I wonder if anyone still has one of those sewing machines. Did you see the article in Saturday's West about the things people were still using from the 60's and 70's like the old toaster etc.
Have fun with the paper,you could cut out some of the adds and frame them.
Happy days.

Tania said...

FABULOUS find. I bet you were memory lane-ing the afternoon away. Mighty impressed at 32c Vita Brits...