Saturday, 13 November 2010

Time's galloping

Time is galloping past and Christmas will be here before we know it. This week I was off to my first Chrissie dinner for the year. It was a great night of feasting, goodies and frivolity with the girls from Geraldton Patchwork club.
Look how quiet and polite we all seem at our table, sitting up neatly. Even our glad rags are colour co-ordinated.

I scoffed down my dinner before I thought to take a picture but here's the dessert. Yummo pavlova with a toffee squiggle on top. Now that I've been watching Masterchef, I know how to make them.  That doesn't mean I've ever done it tho'.

Then we had the musical entertainment and such wonderful singing I'd never heard before. Especially from the "Three French Hens".
Gifts were shared out too of course and I was so thrilled with the goodies in my pudding parcel.
I tried very hard to find out who'd put this together but she wasn't  'fessing up. So if you're out there pudding maker...thanks heaps....I love everything in it.

From the sweet little Christmas plate to the miniature sewing machine, $$$ chocs, sparkly candle holder & bath fizzers to lots and lots of sewing stuff.

These delicious stripey hand knitted socks came my way this week too.
I was admiring Ursula's beautiful knitted socks at The Patch a while back and look what she's given me.
A pair of my very own. I offered my first born in exchange but she said "No".
She is so generous and sweet...and a wonderful knitter.....I'm in awe, I knitted a baby's booty once, it took a whole pregnancy.


Bev C said...

Oh my goodness Sue, I can see you have a wonderful sense of humour. Glad you had a great night,the first of many Christmas celebrations to come I expect.
Love those stripey socks.
Happy days.

Maria said...

So pleased you had a lovely evening. Your sweets look YUMMY.
What a wonderful pudding full of goodies.
Love the socks. Maybe Ursula will knit me a pair. :)

... said...

I will never believe 'quiet and polite', faking it more like (hope). Nice pressies and love the socks, I need some like that for our sub-arctic winters I think....

webbsway said...

O Sue!
What a Wonderful evening and the most awesome gifts! That is better than winning the lottery! Looks like someone really has you "pegged"! You deserve every little part of it! :) And , your mysterious little "no fesser-upper" certainly did pull it off one hundred percent!

Allie said...

Wow - love the socks and other gifties - you are blessed!