Friday, 6 May 2011

Ursula's Quilt Story

I wish I was a better quilter.
My lines can often go wonky, sometimes the thread gets out of tension and often I just feel like giving up.
I've done quilting workshops and taken notes, I try to go slowly and use more care.

I'm still a long way from being anywhere near good.
Then my friend, Ursula, knitted me some lovely stripey socks.
I offered to pay her or buy her a gift but she said 
"No thanks, just quilt my grandson's quilt, I don't want much stitching on it".
Does she know what she's asking? Doesn't she realise I only do wobbly stuff!
It's taken me months....the first weeks were spent mostly in stressful tears but I eventually got started on it.
A few curly swirls.... some simple "it the ditch"...not much.
Well, now it's finished. It is wobbly just like I expected.
I took it to The Patch last night but Ursula wasn't there.
She doesn't know how badly I've done yet


webbsway said...

Dear Friend,
Just a short time ago I posted a sentiment just like what you are feeling and dear Maria told me that is the way that handmade items are suppose to be because it gives them personality.

Now when I "go wanky" I remind myself of Maria's valuable insight.I have been practicing on my mug rugs . I totally adore the young man's quilt. I think it is perfect!I believe that when the young one receives it -all he will see is the love that went into the project and that is the most important part . :)

Anonymous said...

You are being way to hard on yourself, you have done a wonderful job, it is so great to see someone quilt, keep it up.

If all quilts look the same we might as well not stitch and just buy some made in a factory.
I teach machine quilting classes and always try to make my students try and give it a go and often once the quilt is bound and washed it is just beautiful.
To me this is what a quilt should be. Well done

Queen Of The Armchair aka Dzintra Stitcheries said...

Oh Sue don't be hard on yourself...I'm not even up to that yet...still learning to quilt straight lines...It looks great...Dzintra

Lizzie said...

Ha!! If that's 'badly' then I'm in BIG trouble, even more than I first thought...!!
(who's sticking to hand quilting from now on!)

susanawee said...

Susie, that is NOT wobbly,....It is great and Ursula will love can now quilt one of mine anyday. Smiles..Sue.

Maria said...

Your quilting is lovely Sue. I know as I have seen the quilt.I love wobbly. Makes handmade not done in a factory.
Ursula will love it.

Allie said...

Sweetheart you are being WAY too hard on yourself! I clicked your pic and enlarged it and it looks wonderful to me! I love the swirlys, I love how you did the road, I think your quilting made the whole quilt come to life. I think Ursula is going to be quite pleased, and thankful she asked you to do it!

Gene Black said...

excuse me, but I just enlarged the picture and I love it. If she hates it, I will be more than happy to have it.
My quilting is worse than that and I sell it. And people actually buy it.

If people wanted quilts that look like they were made in a factory, they would buy them in a store. Trust me, and lighten up on yourself.