Friday, 10 June 2011

Everything has a good story and a bad story.....Well most things do.

The bloke has been improving our home by replacing some of our old verandah posts.
The trouble is, now all that lifting has injured his back and he is spending a lot of time lying flat out to ease the pain.
It's hard to see him hurting so much and the physio and meds aren't really helping a lot.
It's my job to help him with his socks each's the least I could do.

Meanwhile we've had some lovely rain which has helped everything grow including the tree that overhangs our chimney. This means we couldn't light the fire until someone climbed onto the roof to remove that branch.
Now with the injured bloke who doesn't like being high and
me who likes climbing but is way too short.... we finally got the job done.
Our neighbour did offer to take photos for us as we struggled with ladders, ropes and hack saws. 

Further down the backyard the ducks are enjoying the freedom of the chook run and their duck run
 because yesterday our last chook was eaten by a fox.
I hope Mr Foxy shared the dinner with his family, Mrs Henny was a lovely fat girl who laid us lots of eggs.
Her pretty feathers are now blowing around the paddock. They showed up well on the greeness of it.

We also have a dead rat in the ceiling this smells really bad and I've tried but I can't think of one good thing to say about that.
Maybe things will be better next week.


Lizzie said...

Oh gosh! First, hope the bloke gets better real quick, a photo of the cutting of the branch would have been priceless...really!! Poor Mrs Henny, I know that even Foxy Loxy has to feed his family, but that's the reason we don't have chooks or ducks anymore, I can't stand the carnage!! Hmm, rat hey? I can recommend the smelly bathroom spray thingies :o) We're clear now, I think it just froze...
Have a quiet weekend, sounds like you need it...

webbsway said...

O , I LOVED your post! So much going on! So sorry about the injured back! I don't know anyone that enjoys that kind of pain. My youngest son has been out from a damaged back for the past year and is still suffering?

The work your DH was doing on those posts is lovely!

I hate it that Mr Fox raided you! Drats! I also hate to lose my critters that way - it breaks my heart. I loved the picture of your duck- it is lovely! My last ones got killed by my neighbor's dogs-so I have not tried that again. Seems like everything I like - there is somethign hanging around with its own knife and fork in hand of paw!

O dead rat - I know all about that as I had one dead in my bedroom one summer and it was Horrible! I hunted everywhere high and low and could not find it anywhere. The stench was over powering enough to make you sick. It took a good week for the smell to dissipate and then my wash machine broke down -which is in my bedroom too. When we tore it apart to fix it - we found the carcass or what was left of it! Yucky!

Hope you have a wonderful weekend and that your DH shows improvement!

BubzRugz said...

Oh my Sue... you are having a run of it at the moment.... hope the bloke feels much better soon.. sore back is so debilitating ... and annoying....
hope Ms Ducky keeps away from Mr Foxy

Maria said...

Hope the blokes back is healing and things get better for you.

Needled Mom said...

As they say...."the good, the bad, and the ugly" of life. Hope the back improves soon. They can be so nasty.

There is nothing good about a dead rat other than the fact that it is no longer running around the roof!!!!

Bev C said...

Hello Sue,

Oh my goodness if it doesn't rain it pours. Hope the weekend is better and your are of the sock putting on duty.
Happy days.

Allie said...

Good heavens - when it rains it really pours! I hope your bloke is feeling 100% again very soon. So sorry you lost your chook....and I hope your duck stays well! Not much to say about a dead rat, yikes yikes and more yikes. Next week HAS to be better!

Shari said...

Wow. You win. Hopefully it can only get better from here. I'm just going off to count my blessings... and I am definitely sending them all your way!

Queen Of The Armchair aka Dzintra Stitcheries said...

Oh no Sue what a week you have both had...hope the bloke is up and about soon...Dzintra