Friday, 17 June 2011

It's Lachie's Birthday on Saturday

He'll be four  and no-one is allowed to forget it.

He loves his Mum
Had chocolate cake on his first birthday

Loves to eat

Is capable and independant

Loves his pets 

and always has

 Loves Nonna's pasta
Can fly high with help from his uncle

Enjoys making new friends

Likes the big tub at Nanny's house

and having cuddles with Nanny and his sister

and is a wonderful big brother as well

Happy Birthday Lachie with lots of love on your long awaited 4th birthday


Allie said...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY LACHIE!!! Four is such a great age!

Maria said...

Happy Birhday Lachie. Hope you have a lovley day. I know you have already had a BIG party with lots of friends and a great cake.

Lizzie said...

Happy birthday to your Lachie, he looks like a bonza boy :o)

BubzRugz said...

Happy Birthday Lachie.... this was such a fun post Sue.... and so precious...