Monday, 11 July 2011

Round Robin Round Up

The bloke and I have just returned from a very quick trip to the city. Mostly so I could have lunch yesterday with some SCQuilters. It was the big hand over of our Round Robin quilts and what fun we all had. Delicious food at a lovely Golf Club, lots of beautiful flimsies to admire and great company.

Here are the quilts from my team, This is Faye's and I did the little purple squares in the second last border.

This is mine...not quite finished and of course I did the centre square.
It's gone back to Julie's place to have it's final stitching done.
On Fiona's bright quilt I worked on the white border with one row of little coloured squares and a flower in each corner. Maria helped me because I'd been sick and couldn't sew straight at all.
She pieced the little squares for me and got it all lined up straight, isn't she a good friend?
This Orange and Green quilt is Cathie's and I did the last round for her.

This Blue and Yellow quilt is Lynn's and it was my job to set the centre on the point. I was so scared of this project that I kept is simple and concentrated on matching the joins.
The little red Flying Geese are my work in Julie's quilt.
Although working on other peoples quilts is stressful I really did have fun
 and going to The Handover made it all worthwhile.


Lizzie said...

I really want to do a round robin, just have to recruit some others now. I can think about it now that we're on the last month of the Flickr group...

Lurline said...

Nice displaying of the quilts - lots of camaraderie, too!
Hugs - Lurline♥

webbsway said...

O how beautiful they all are - so much hard work. You gals are great.

Anita said...

Wow! Some beautiful quilts there and lots of house of hardwork too. They are gorgeous. Kind regards, Anita.

Maria said...

Finally could get your blog to open.

WOW!! Sue the flimsies all look great.

Looking forward to seeing yours when you get it back.

Maria said...
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Joan said...

Loved looking at all the Round Robins - something I have never I alwasy admire those that do them :)