Saturday, 20 August 2011

My little town

This pattern is Sue Garman's "All About the Town" quilt and I'm having so much fun making it up.
The 12 blocks fit together around a village square.
 The first block with the whale weathervane scared me silly, I'm not good at hand work and this quilt needed to be done with freezer paper and needleturn applique. I read and re-read the instructions on the pattern. Measured and cut the fabric and then did it again to make sure and finally produced the block with lots of wonkiness and more than a few cover ups.
I followed the tutorials on Fabric Therapy blog and Teresa emailed me encouragement too.
I kept going and eventually did the sailing boat block and the house with dormer windows.
A quarter finished!
By now my confidence had increased and I started working more quickly. Oops!
These blocks are even wonkier than the first. I have fewer real mistakes though and by the time I'd done the flying angel I was getting the hang of the stitching a bit too.
Still lots more work to do on all these blocks tho'.
They need embroidered embellishments and lots of fun things added like critters, window frames, fountains, dogs, ducks, horses, signs, flowers, whatever I want to add.

This is my latest block (it's the photo thats tipped). I'm so much better at this now, even the windows are almost square. It's not  a prize winner by any means but it looks much better than those first blocks and as I prepare to start block 8 I'm so much more relaxed and having heaps of fun.
I think I might make this pattern up again with a Christmas theme.
Couldn't you just see these houses with lights, wreaths, candles, trees and gifts all around them.
Santa might even be flying across the sky in his sleigh.


Lizzie said...

Oh I could, it would look amazing for Christmas..! I can't see any wonkiness in there at all, don't know what on earth you're talking about woman, it looks fabulous..
Well done you conquering the needleturn...

Queen Of The Armchair aka Dzintra Stitcheries said...

It looks fabulous Sue...and it would look amazing all Christmasey!

Rebecca said...

Wow Sue they all look lovely and a Christmas One would be great too . Can't wait to see the finished thing
Big Hugs Bec

Margaret said...

I admire needle turn, looks stupendous to me. I will have a go one day. Enjoyed the post.

Maria said...

I love the way your blocks are going together Sue.
A Christmas one would look fabulous!!!!

Fiona said...

Oh well done Sue.. and such a big project for needleturn.... its looking great and what a wonderful pattern.....

Allie said...

I love this quilt so much and you are doing a wonderful job - they look awesome!!

marina said...

they are just amazing blocks. What a great job you have done.

Teresa said...

I LOVE the idea of doing the quilt in a Christmas fun is THAT?!? I think your blocks look are obviously harder on yourself than we would be, LOL. It's a great pattern for just letting yourself go, isn't it!

In stitches,
Teresa :o)