Monday, 19 September 2011

SCQuilters are great

I'm in a Yahoo group called SCQuilters (Southern Cross Quilters)
where people who like to quilt and have a connection to Australia and NZ 
 get together to chat, sew, meet up and swap.
This year I've been working on a Round Robin with a few of these SCQuilters.
It's amazing how Round Robin's work out. You know, you make a centre block and think you know what will come home to you at the end but it doesn't work that way.
I sent out a wonky little house in gingery colours and expected back more houses,
 a lot of country colours and some whacky novelty fabrics.
Instead I received this gorgeous flimsy, filled with delicate flowers, subtle colours with a zinger of firey orange, traditional piecing and more than a few tree fabrics to symbolise the Australian bush. 
I love my new quilt nearly as much as I love my SCQuilty friends.


Lizzie said...

That's so awesome Sue, I love it.

Allie said...

Wow - wow - can I send a block? LOL! That is so amazing, I love the colors, especially the zingers around the house - gorgeous!

Lindi said...

What a lovely surprise! Maybe I should join one of those round robins some time. :)

Maria said...

Looking forward to seeing your beautiful flimsy.

webbsway said...

O Sue - I LOVE it too! It is amazing how interacting with others creates something entirely different than what you perceived. Those "fresh-set of eyes" certainly did magical work-congrats!

Khris said...

Fantastic when you can enjoy friends and top it off with some quilting.
Hugs Khris

Anonymous said...

Lovely photo Sue, I'm so happy you are pleased. Fi

liz said...

So much work from your SCQuilter friends. Absolutely stunning.

Anonymous said...

very nice,i am in the SCquilters xmas
group,its a lot of fun

marina said...

absolutely lovely flimsy. The appliqued flowers around the border are a lovely touch.
Great that you are passing on the craft bug to your grand daughter.
That's so special.

rooee said...

Sue this flimsy is beautiful!! lucky you!