Monday, 10 October 2011

Today is a wonderful day

I'm excited because my first born and her 3 babies are coming to visit for a few days.
 My bloke is staying at our girl's place for a few months.
He has work near there.
So she has decided to come and see me during these school hols
 and let the gang of 3 have some beach time.

 I ducked out to buy some extra groceries to feed them and then
I called into the post office to check for mail and there
IT WAS....
My FRIENDS parcel from Robbie in NY state.
I followed the instructions
All wrapped in quilt batting
I found so much
Some clever gadgets I've never seen before
the cutest felt doll made just for me
Oodles of pretty fabric, threads and beads
Decorations, magazine, calender and all sorts of goodies
Oh it's really a wonderful day........
Thanks Robbie for being such a great Swap Partner
and Khris for organising this swap


Lizzie said...

Fabulous parcel you've got there and your girl home for a little holiday...pretty good I reckon... :o)

Fiona said...

LOTS to play with.. your daughter and the children... and then the goodies from the parcel too... have fun ...

Allie said...

Wow what a great package, that little doll is too cute! Enjoy your daughter and grandbabies, I won't expect to see you post for a bit!!

rooee said...

Lucky duck having your daughter and grands coming to visit...can you see how green I am?
Yay that the box arrived! Don't forget to put out your little Jackolanterns for Halloween.

marina said...

have had a catch up on your blog. Lots of lovely things, your swaps, your cat blocks. I think you are very clever for trying these blocks. I didn't think they looked bad at all.
Looks like the grandies have had a ball at the beach. Love the little one with the tradies cleavage. hehe.