Thursday, 2 February 2012

Happy Birthday Corey

Today is the day a Mum always remembers....the birthday of a baby.
It's soppy I know and he is quite grown up now.
He probably doesn't need me anymore.
The days of tending scraped knees, wiping noses, supervising homework,
driving to weekend sports, lending my car (and money)
are all over.
Corey, my #3, is now what you call "middle aged"!
How can this have happened when I'm sure I am only middle aged myself.
Have a wonderful birthday Corey and if you even need your scraped knees
looked after, let me know, I'm still your Mum after all. 


Lizzie said...

aawwhh, happy birthday to your Corey, I'm sure you'll be the first to know if he scrapes his knees... :o)
sigh, my 'baby' gets married in two I gonna cry do you think...?

Fiona said...

Oh... he will always need you..... Happy Birthday to Corey...

webbsway said...

Happy Birthday to your Corey because my Cory will have one the 13th.

It is amazing , isn't it? I don't know whether to laugh or cry -and it is one of those times we Mom's will never foget. A time when the magic of Motherhood engulfed us &we found ourselves madly in love with that new little bundle of joy. Now looking at them their feet are probably bigger than all of them was in the beginning. LOL

Happy Celebration Mom for all the love.

Allie said...

Happy Birthday Corey!!! And they NEVER stop needing you, thank goodness - they may think so for a time [during the teens] but they come to their senses. I'm almost 53 and I still need my mum!

Anita said...

Happy birthday Corey,
When my Cory is 'middle aged' I will still tend to his scraped knee too!! lol. We're Mum's to the end and beyond!! Cheers, Anita.