Thursday, 12 April 2012


My heart takes joy in rustic shabbiness. I'm not sure why.
My pinterest boards hold lots of rust and rubbed paint.
My facebook page follows plenty of French country links.
My bookshelves at home are filled with magazines and decorating books about rustic charm.
Even my house is pretty old and shabby.

The other day I was enjoying breakfast with my swimming friends the "Wallow and Bobbers"
and across the river through the trees was a glimpse of this little old cottage.
I could just make it out, basking in a scrape of sun.
I can imagine myself in rural France
instread of Midwest Australia


Fiona said...

Love the wide scape picture.... have you been to France? lots of french inspired fabric and patterns these days...

Allie said...

How very pretty - oh how I love a cozy cottage!!!

webbsway said...

O - I agree with you - it is so lovely!

But, I must add that I think the picture in your banner is one of the most beautiful I have ever seen.

Bev C said...

Oh,la,la, I think I can just see Monet out in the garden at that home.

Have a great Sunday Sue.


Floss said...

Ah the country, where you have room to breath.