Monday, 9 July 2012

Time Flies

So much time has passed since my last post.
Mostly filled with things I didn't need to talk about.
First my bloke took a job a very long way away from home.
He had a perfectly good job close by.....
but this one he said was better.
Go figure!
Home is pretty good too.

Then my little mate Otto vanished.
No sign of him, no trace of splattered cat on the road,
no tufts of chocolate and cream fur on the thorn bushes by the river.
No plaintive meows in the night.
He's gone I'm afraid.

Then my Father in Law passed away.....
He was elderly and unwell and is now resting in peace
but he was a much loved family patriach who I had know for 44 years,
so much longer than I had with my own dear Dad who passed away when I was only 25.

This week I have been nursing a sneezy, snuffley cold.
Feeling very sorry for myself.
I passed the time poking a needle into little scraps of wool
in preparation for two, yes TWO, workshops
with Sue Spargo this month.

There is a certain sense of self satisfaction at having completed
56 leaves and 96 berries
Can't wait to embellish them all.


Anonymous said...

oh my Sue lots have been happening at your place,hope things settle down for you and you get better soon.xx

marina said...

sorry to hear about your fil and that there isn't any news about Otto. All those berries and leaves look wonderful. Can't wait to see what they will end up like.
Hope you shake that cold.

Fiona said...

Sure is lots going on for you.... rather a tough time it sounds like.... the crafting looks lovely and I can imagine it is both satisfying and relaxing....

Maria said...

The photo of your dots and leaves looks great sue.

Lizzie said...

Sorry to hear Otto didn't come home, it's so sad to lose a four legged friend, sorry about your father in law too. I've just about shaken off that dreadful cold but I didn't have leaves and circles to help me through..!! I'm doing leaves and Sue is doing the flowers but ours hasn't arrived yet :o( Hoping it arrives soon as there's lots going on between now and the end of August. Lucky you, WA must be SS's first stop on her Aussie tour ...
Take care and get well quickly..

Needled Mom said...

Oh dear....there has been a lot happening. I am so sorry to hear about your FIL. It is nice to know that he is no longer suffering though.

I wonder what could have happened to Otto.

Feel better soon!

Diane-crewe said...

sorry it has been such a down time ... a day at a time and try and keep your chin up.xx

Allie said...

Sending you great big hugs, girl...

rooee said...

sorry for your loss, a hard one to bear. and how terrible that your little kitty has gone, oh dear, i am hoping that he hasn't suffered. i am intrigued by the leaves and berries!