Tuesday, 14 August 2012

Watery treasures

 The bloke and I went to "Malcolm Douglas's Wildlife Park".
Those critters are LARGE! 

 Even the termites build big nests.
Luckily there weren't any crocs on Cable Beach the day we went for a walk there.
 but there were lots of little crabs, coral and shells.

 and plenty of rocks

 It's a vey long beach and a cool drink was welcome

 Streeters Jetty
 Some people chose a different way to travel

 A pearling lugger heading to shore at sunset
So Part 3 is the end of this little travelogue
The Broome colours have inspired me, I took several hundred photos
and think I just might have to make a Broome quilt.
Rich red earth colours, aqua blues, white sand.....
It's coming together in my mind already.
Quilted with the patterns of coral and crocodile skin,
river deltas and crab tracks.
A little memento of our holiday this month.


Anonymous said...

Sue i so love your pics ,one day hubby and i hope to get there.xx

Peg - Happy In Quilting said...

Sue, such wonderful photos....Broome Quilt sounds perfect...

marina said...

more beautiful photos.
that humungous croc mouth is way to scary!

Maria said...

Loved my camel ride..
Looking forward to watching you make a "Broome" quilt Sue.....