Tuesday, 9 October 2012

Five kids to stay!

I'm preparing for the arrival of the "Gang of Three" today.
They are coming for a week long holiday while their Mum goes off on a real holiday!
This picture seems to be a couple of years old now,
just imagine them a little bigger.

Then today I WON this from Toni
The Red Boot Quilt Company

The gorgeous Max and Molly pdf pattern
just because I told Toni about my favourite beach.

So that make FIVE KIDS arriving today
Get your bathers on, grab a towel and off we go.

This is it
South Beach, Port Denison.
Just a few minutes drive from home, cute little cafe right on the beach,
 lots of sand, clear sparkling water and very few people.....
Unless you go there on Boxing Day
When hundreds and hundreds
of cars fill the beach.


Maria said...

How cute are all the kids...
Now you will have Milly,Molly ,Max Lachie and Angus...
Have fun..
Won't be long and I will see at the beach each morning..

Lizzie said...

how cute are all those kids, real and softie.. ;o) have fun..

Diane-crewe said...

have fun xx

Joanne Lendaro said...

Have fun with the kiddo's!! Dont' forget t get a new picture of them! The beach looks FABULOUS!

Naturally Carol said...

Sharing the beach for one day a year sounds like it wouldn't be too much of a bother, it is beautiful, I love the clear water!