Friday, 7 December 2012


Sometimes I just want to give up.
I have an ipad and I love it but sometimes it's just way too clever for me. 
After a year of learning some of it's tricks I've managed to load apps and use my calender, store photos and even write my blog (since I found a better app for blog writing). When the poor little thing had a nasty fall and broke his face I downloaded all my stored info into my computer and took the ipad off for a replacement appointment at the Apple Store.
Woohoo, how great, the new ipad had the facility for icloud and this meant I could retain all sorts of my "STUFF" with very little effort if there should ever be another nasty injury to it.

Part 2 of this longwinded story is my trip to Singapore to celebrate a serious birthday of mine a couple of weeks ago. My bloke and I lived there from 1971 until 1973, our second child was born there and we had loved our years there. Time to go back for a look at how it had all changed.
The city had changed dramatically but the two houses we had lived in looked much the same and the hospital Adrian had been born in was certainly recognisable after 40 years.
Then we had a wonderful High Tea at The Raffles to celebrate me becoming VERY VERY old and I took lots of photos with my ipad. Even one or two of the bloke and I enjoying our taste of luxury.
Back home again I connected my ipad to the computer to download the photos and it asked if I wanted to I'm a real Luddite............I don't understand this stuff ................I just click buttons until it works.
Well now I have an ipad just like before, way before! 
No nice photos of the birthday tea or any other part of Singapore
and I have no idea how to find them again.


Allie said...

Well first of all, HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!! Second, I have no clue how to help - but I sure hope someone can!!!

Jay said...

Don't you just love/hate technology!!! No help here the Apple people!! and Happy birthday!

Ann Marie @ 16 Muddy Feet said...

You should be able to restore it back to the day before it asked to restore it in the first place. I am not sure how you do that on an ipad though. I know on my laptop it is in the control panel. I am keeping my fingers crossed you figure it out. Happy Belated Birthday too.