Thursday, 16 May 2013

The Robots are coming and we are going!

This week, before i pack away my sewing machine, i ran up a couple of big floor cushions.
This one is called, "Beware, beware.....don't play on the road", good advice i thought.
And this one is "Danger, danger.....don't sit on me" Possibly because it bends his legs!

My two little grandson's will be celebrating birthdays while we are in the USA so these are going to be left here for them. Cant have Nanny ignoring their birthdays can we?

Our first stop will be San Francisco, i'm so excited, i've studied Trip Advisor and Viator and a zillion other apps to plan fun activities to see. The Painted Ladies and the Golden Gate Bridge are on the list, pretty sure we'll get to see the redwood trees too. A drive down to Los Angeles and then just maybe a train ride to New Orleans.


marina said...

what great cushions.
You are a good nanny getting their gifts ready before you go.

Diane-crewe said...

have a wonderful time x

Maria said...

The robot Cushions are great!!!!!!

Have a wonderful holiday and you can tell us all about it on your return...

Fiona said...

Great cushions and what an organised nanny you are..... have a wonderful trip... I hope we will be gettign updates??

San-Dee said...

If you have the chance when you're in San Francisco, eat at John's Grill. It's the bar/restaurant where Dashiell Hammett and other authors hung out, and they have (or at least used to have) the original Maltese falcon prop form the Humphrey Bogart movie!