Monday, 8 July 2013

All good things must come to an end.

The end of our Route 66 Tour, time to say a sad farewell to Ricky Tims, Jim West and all our new friends, we will miss you guys but we have lots of happy memories and a few thousand photos!

Los Angeles wasn't on our "list" of places we wanted to see..........
It just wasn't somewhere that called us but it was the end of Route 66 so we had to go there............all the way to the very end on the Santa Monica Pier.
Our bus tour was officially over after along with another Route 66er, Helen, we walked a few streets in the evening to catch a local bus, discovered we were "seniors" and paid a 'quarter' to ride the 45 minute journey to the Pier.
We had a few laughs searching for the exact spot in the heavy fog as everyone was telling us to go to different places. Finally we figured this was the right place, the sign said so!

The taxi ride back to the hotel cost these tired old seniors a little more than a quarter each!

Los Angeles is a fun place despite our misgivings and we enjoyed our short time there, posed for photos with Ricky and the special guest at lunch, Jim's mentor and mate, Darryl Hickman, we were thrilled to hear this wonderful man speak and receive a copy of his book.

Would you believe this man is 81! So full of life and energy.

The next day we flew to Boston but only by the skin of our teeth.
We arrived at LAX very early, checked in our bags and sat patiently waiting by our allotted gate for three it got close to the time to board we checked the screens to find the plane was running we waited a little longer. Eventually we decided to ask why our plane wasn't boarding!
Oops, it had boarded at another gate, not the one printed on our boarding pass or the overhead screen. Too late, the doors were shut, we'd missed it!
So off to the desk to reschedule,, wondering how we could have missed all the announcements, including the ones mentioning our names but managed to hear every other announcement that day. Just then we noticed other passengers from our flight coming in........the plane had just been unloaded as a bird was wedged in an engine. An hour later we were on our flight in a new plane.
Phew, maybe our guardian angels were looking after us that day.

So we got to Boston, enjoyed the history, the Tea Perty, the harbour, the art, the humour and the hire car.

Then set off to see New England...........we started with Concord, Massachussetts.

And drove to Portland, Maine.

But then we were distracted by the thought of Niagara Falls.........

Amazing trip and we
met some lovely locals in Canada.............


Liz McMahon said...

Lovely shots, love the Mustang one! When are you off to Italy..?

Wendy said...

So glad you have had such a lovely time here in the states...

beebee said...

great photos of a great trip
I am so happy to see ya'll having such a good time
thanks for sharing your pictures

Fiona said...

so many fantastic memories... lucky to get lots of pictures - there is so much to remember....

Jay said...

You have really seen SOOO much!! Are you planning on circling the globe to get back home? What are your next stops???

marina said...

lucky for you that bird sacrificed itself! good luck on the final leg of your trip.
great pics of your adventures.

Bev C said...

Hello Sue,

Love the shots of the old buildings. Not at all interested in those big cities. Sounds the perfect way to do Route 66, quilting your way along it.

Enjoy the next stage of your travels.
Stay safe.

Queen Of The Armchair aka Dzintra Stitcheries said...

Wow Sue I'm loving reading about your much fun!