Friday, 2 August 2013

Falling in love with Rome

After our little trip to Sorrento we came back to Rome a little unsure of how we would feel.
Our first night there, before we toured further south, was not impressive. I'm not sure why! Maybe it was tiredness or maybe the bright lights of New York had blinded us to more subtle beauty.
I had trouble with the language....I've never been good at learning phrases. Although I know all the items in the menu....spaghetti, risotto, lasagne, pannacotta, at least I won't go hungry!
You would think after being with my Italian born bloke for over 45 years and part of his large Italian family I would cope but "no", hardly a word made sense,
I felt lost and in a panic by it all.
The bloke was no good to me, despite the fact that he only spoke Italian until he started school, he's forgotten his native tongue.
Our first glimpse was of fields and villages...not scary at all.
The airport was lined with Eucalyptus trees, just like home.
Pizza was easy to order and delicious.
Some things can't be explained with words!
The classic art needs no words and I did remember a bit from my years at Art School.
Markets with Italian books were no good to me.
The Trevi Fountain is the same in any language.
And amongst the crowds I only needed to say "scusi, grazia, prego" at required moments.
Eventually I learned I didn't need to be in control of everything, I learned to to let go a little and do it the Italian way.
If things don't fit one way, try another!
Just go with the flow.
It's much easier to fall in love with Rome then.
Ciaio Belli.


Fiona said...

thats such a lovely post Sue... glad you fell in love with Rome...

Liz McMahon said...

So looking forward to Rome but a little nervous about doing it on my own too...still I'm only there for two days before heading off to Orvieto.....
Great photos Sue

marina said...

lovely pics.

Bev C said...

Hello Sue,

Go with the flow, if you call into a place called Termoli say hello to my nephew please. The family owns a pizzeria and they speak Italian and English!
Enjoy your travels.

Happy days.