Sunday, 16 March 2014

I'm in the city again.

Another trip down south this weekend..........Ii delivered DS3 to a job interview and rushed off to buy some stuff for the AQC in Melbourne next month. purple is not one of my favourite colours so of course i had to buy some threads........none in my stash already.

Then my boy and I took his girls to Cottesloe Beach to see this exhibition...."Sculpture by the Sea". Great photo opportunities here.

Then as if my old legs weren't tired enough we went to King's Park to climb the DNA tower four.....yes FOUR times!

Well someone had to stay on the ground to take the photo, right!

Today it's off to celebrate an early St Paddy's Day with my gorgeous Irish friend Marie.

I've got my shoes ready and i've made 50 tiny Irish flags to celebrate the anniversary of Marie's move to Australia. It's going to be a fun party, i can't wait.


marina said...

what great sculptures!
wow you are coming to Melbourne...
are you staying for long?

Anita said...

Hi Sue,
Lovely photo's. Some people
are just so creative aren't they.
Cheers, Anita.

Gene Black said...

Ha ha.. I would love to see the entire "Barbie Doll" installation. Clearly the little one is intrigued.

Gene Black said...
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Diane-crewe said...

of course you HAD to buy more thread xx I would have stayed with the coats too x lol x

Peg - Happy In Quilting said...

LOL...some very interesting photos there,,,

Anonymous said...

Hi Sue some amazing pics there.xx

Micki said...

I always loved your photography! Thanks for stopping by!