Sunday, 13 April 2014

Wanted: extra hours

I need more hours in my day.
AQC started with an introduction meeting at 7.30am, then at 8.30 we could shop at the show or view the amazing quilts, a quick comfort stop and off to class by 10am.
Where i spent a whole day putting 14 blocks on my design wall. Not creative stitched blocks, just 8 and a half inch squares.
Luckily the next day I managed to make the fabric shimmer in "Shimmering Triangles".
It's taking me days to write this blogpost, now i have completed three days at AQC.
Does this make another UFO? I will get this little Pam Holland tree finished.......but not in Melbourne.
Last night was the GALA dinner and award presentations. It was nice to see so many clever people recognised.
I do wonder, how can the judges choose a winner from so many beautiful quilts from so many different genres?
Does the traditional hand stitched delight beat the amazing modern and innovative artwork?
I guess the judges take years learning to define the subtle differences...........
I've filled my few spare moments catching up with friends.
Taking very bad photos of very good speakers and eating!
There is barely enough time to sleep.


Jay said...

Looks like you are having a blast!! When I first saw your blog my mind read AQS not AQC and I thought you were in the States again at the big show at Paducah, Kentucky!

marina said...

you sure are making the most of every minute! Love the effect of the shimmering triangles.