Sunday, 10 August 2014

A surprise visit

Our middle boy called on Thursday....could he and his family come up for the weekend?

Would I ever say "No"?

The boat came too and while they all went fishing on Saturday, I took a walk 
and did some homework for my photography class.
I think the fishing was more successful than the photography.

 These are Dhufish, my very favourite fish to eat and as it sells for around $80 per kilo at the fish shop, we were pretty happy with the three kilos of fillets these guys gave us.

Sunday was a chance to exercise the dogs and everyone else on the beach.
Poor Choppa, he is getting on a bit and the big sand hills took a toll on his legs,
I'm glad I didn't have to carry him back to the car.
He recovered quite quickly after a rest.

Then we had coffee and pancakes at my favourite beach cafe, 
Jackson was impressed with an ice-cream spider for his breakfast.

We do live in a pretty special place and it's nice to share it with family.


Peg - Happy In Quilting said...

Look like you had a perfect weekend...

Fiona said...

How lovely... and such a special surprise visit.... enjoy your fish... I haven't had Dhufish before but I do love most fresh fish