Thursday, 28 May 2009

Daisy in the Daisies

It's Patch meeting tonight and this morning I finished my "Row-by-Row" blocks ready for tonights swap.

I had planned to do something lovely and tasteful but when I looked at my fabrics, a sweet little all-over daisy print jumped out and said "make me into something cute". So I set to work drawing a pieced cow with the help of my new EQ6, then without bothering to print a pattern I started chopping up bits of fabric to create a cow. She is recognisable as a cow (I think) but does look very like a peanut as well. She is standing in a field of daisies and has a tall rail fence on either side. The blocks were meant to add up to around 48" or 56" long and mine was 33" so I stuck a couple of log cabins on the ends and then the cow & rails were too short so they got another strip along the top . Eventually I had a strip roughly long enough and wide enough. I've called it "Daisy in the Daisies" and look forward to seeing what my swap buddies come up with to co-ordinate.

The rail fence blends in with my old wooden floor, I must have picked a great "timber" colour. Daisy's udder is pink and so are the centres of the log cabins, they didn't show up well in the picture. She will definately need some embroidery to finish off her teats.

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