Saturday, 30 May 2009

Mid West Food Festival

This long weekend, the local Food Festival is being held. Joe and I headed into town this morning to sample the delights of the local produce. We enjoyed a cooking demonstation and tasting of Lobster Ravioli, delicious. Later in the day I went back again to watch the demo on Risotto and Pancetta Wrapped Fish, just as yummy. We saw huge pumpkins, tasted this season's Olive Oil's and tried some baked products made with Lupin Flour. A lovely day strolling in the sunshine chatting to friends and neighbours. It's what I love about living in a small country town.

We also went to visit the art exhibition, the work was fabulous and so reasonably priced I just had to buy this gorgeous mixed media piece by Jasmine. (Note to self: Must find out her whole name). I need to have it framed and I think a rustic weathered timber frame may suit.

It has stitches in it and buttons, can you see them? Not too far removed from a quilt is it? I fell in love with it straight away.

Tomorrow we have tickets for "The Looong Lunch" to be held at the Grange, it is the most beautiful property and only a few kms from us. The sit down lunch for 100 people will be served in the Ram Sale Sheds I believe. I hope they've swept them.

If last year's lunch is anything to go by it will be a fabulous extravaganza of marron (small fresh water crayfish), beef, lamb, chicken, mangoes, limes, olives and wine all produced in this area. Our climate is almost identical to that of Sicily but a lot of semi tropical produce does well here if it gets extra water. Hence the mangoes.

I'm looking forward to it.

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