Tuesday, 2 June 2009

A Looong Lunch

I do love to eat and Sunday's lunch was the best type of eating I could think of.
It was held at "The Grange". A beautiful farming property not 10 minutes drive from our home. Three long tables, to seat 100 diners, were set up in the Ram Sale shed, the most amazing space with open views to green paddocks, tall trees and beautifully maintained gardens with even the remnants of a historic town. Delightful old whitewashed buildings displaying antique farm equipment and furnishings.
I forgot my camera and took a few snaps with my mobile phone but here's the crunch. I have no idea how to get the pictures into my computer! A friend suggested I send the pics to someone who has a phone to computer cable and then get them to email the pics back to me. Makes sense but may take me a while to sort out.
Meanwhile it's word pictures only.
Here's the Menu:
Tastings of Silverdale Olive Oil, Olives, home made bread and the yummiest Olive and Almond Tapenade.
Thai Pumpkin Soup with herb Pesto.
Blini with Yabby & salmon/dill cream cheese.
Citrus Chicken tenderloins
Barbequed lamb steaks
Marinated Beef Kebabs
Delicious salads and Sweet corn
Seven different varieties of dessert all featuring locally grown fruit.
Coffee and Macadamia shortbread.
All the meats, salads, vegetables, fruits and nuts were locally produced, not to mention the Irwin River Wines we drank plenty of too.
The sun shone and the company was good. What's a better way to spend the day.

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Di said...

Sue, that sounds like a wonderful feast! Thank you for following my blog, and I've added you to the quilters' blogs I follow through Google Reader and look forward to reading more of your "doings".