Thursday, 7 May 2009

The Newsletter

This week I prepared my first newsletter for The Patch. I think I must have aged considerably over the past few weeks with the stress of it all. Such a simple thing to do. Type up a few pages, stick on some pictures and take it to the Telecentre in town where they would copy and staple as many as I ordered.
First I had to master the insert and copy/paste functions on my computer, Yvonne called in & taught me about "ctrlV". Thanks Yvonne.
Things were getting easier now. Muriel cheered me even more when she told me that she had always used the old fashioned cut and paste, that of scissors and a tube of glue. To further stress me out, the expected report from the new Pres never did turn up, so another half page was delivered from good old Linda to fill the spot. Finally it was ready for production. A full week late mind you.
Now I have 52 copies of this masterpiece to deliver by hand or post. I should be able to unload a few on Friday at the long awaited workshop with Lisa Walton.

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