Saturday, 6 June 2009

Lazy day

Today is a very quiet day. Poor Joe is nursing a cold and I am nursing him. I don't naturally take to this occupation but am trying hard to be nice. He is happy to be left alone to sleep it off but I raced to the shops to buy lemons and honey and have made a huge pot of chicken & vegetable soup. I have offered him drinks, food and medication. I don't want it said that I'm uncaring.

I am not even nagging him as he snoozes under the doona. Keeping myself amused and out of his way all day quilting and chatting on the phone...when I'm not squeezing lemons or chopping vegies that is.

(I wish Otto the cat would go and curl up with him instead of on my keyboard)

I hope the cold is better tomorrow, don't know how long I can keep trying so hard. Heaven help us both if he ever gets really sick.

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