Sunday, 7 June 2009

Down on the farm

With the rain lately and accompanying cooler weather I'm getting into "Mother Earth" mode.

My neighbour, Necia, has this season's batch of orphan lambs to raise and I fill in as nanny when she is out for the day. One poor little chap has a broken leg, now set in plaster by the vet. I guess he will never be chops after the effort to save him. His leg was broken when he was dropped by a Wedge Tail eagle. Lucky to escape with his life or unlucky to be picked up in the first place. Hard choice to make.

I have bottled a big jar of olives, all from our own tree this year. Last time I pickled olives they were gathered from an olive grove nearby.

Most of our trees are too small to produce but one old one, which we found fallen over when we moved into the house, has since been pruned and revived. Now, six years later, we have it's first batch nearly ready to eat.

The urge to start a new quilt has hit me but as I have so many half done projects already I'm trying to resist. Maybe if I make myself finish just one before I start something new each time I will eventually catch up.

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maggi said...

What a very lucky little lamb.